Our Policies on Safety, Consent and more

All players are expected to comport themselves in a certain manner when engaging other players. Whether this is at an event, or online through our social media.
"I didn't know" is not an excuse for disregarding these policies below.

Safety Policies and Rules

Refuge LARP has many policies in place to ensure that our game is safe and enjoyable to everyone. Each event will have at least one designated Safety Marshall. ONLY these Marshals are permitted to move during Safety Holds (see Holds below).
While we maintain a dedicated safety team as well as comprehensive insurance (for everyone, including those coming out as a trial-members) we would rather prevent injuries than treat them.

The Pause Game Rule

While it is stated quite clearly in the rule book, we will restate it here. The most important rule in Refuge is the “Pause Game Rule”. Simply put, when you hear the word ”Pause Game!” shouted, you must take a knee if able, and look at the ground. Pauses are called when someone notices a safety issue. This is not a time to look around for people sneaking up on you but you may go through your tags to track your abilities remaining. A Pause will end when the caller of the Pause does a three count to”game on”. If you see an immediate safety concern, call “Pause Game” in a loud voice. It is better to have an extra Pause, or two, then to have an injury. But remember, Pauses are primarily for safety issues and are NOT intended for asking rules questions or clarifying an effect a monster or player is using.


Harassment of others,verbally, physically, sexually or otherwise, is illegal and strictly prohibited in our campaign. Players whose behaviour can be construed as harassment will be asked to stop immediately. If the behaviour continues past that point, that player will be banned permanently from the game. We are trying to create a fun and safe game atmosphere; harassment of players and/or staff does not belong. Any player that feels they are being harassed should bring the matter immediately to the attention of the Owner and/or General Manager.

Types of harassment include, but are not limited to: bullying, psychological harassment, racial harassment, religious harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, mobbing, hazing, and hate speech.

Any questions about the definition of harassment should be directed to the Owner and/or General Manager.

Please Note: This rule extends outside of game and includes all interactions on any of our social media platforms, or communication with any member of our LARP.

“Creepy Martin” Rule

Players are expected to stay within the bounds of reasonable taste, and avoid causing discomfort to other players. Any player receiving complaints about their conduct will receive ample warnings and the opportunity to adjudicate the matter if they feel the complaints are unwarranted or constitute harassment. If legitimately offensive or “creepy” conduct does not show significant and sustained improvement after the warnings, Refuge reserves the right to ban the player as per our policy on harassment.

"Tapout" Rule

We write "High Fantasy" adventures. Some times these involve mature themes, horror and people's personal phobias. We do try to ensure that any adventure that may have these themes are explained before to players participating. If you find yourself in a scene such as this and you feel you cannot comfortably continue with it, you may be excused by the Marshal on scene. The only caveat is that you stay within the mod area, or go OOG until the scene is over. If something dire does befall your comrades, you may be subject to the same consequences (such as taking a death, or being incarcerated in-game). This will be up to the Marshal and Plot's discretion.

Ban-worthy Actions

  • Out-of-game theft
  • Out-of-game physical assault
  • Threats of OOG violence to other players at Refuge.
  • Multiple OOG verbal altercations with other players or staff (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
  • Harassment, sexual or otherwise, of other players or staff
  • Repeated, purposeful cheating/rules-breaking
  • Willful defacement or destruction of property
  • Any convicted sex offender found to be playing in the campaign will be immediately banned and escorted from the site

Age to Play

Playing as a Page

In order to allow players that cannot safely engage in combat to enjoy LARPing, such players may “Page” for an event. Any player with an illness or physical circumstance that prohibits their involvement in combat should Page for their own safety. Pages must wear a clearly visible orange headband with the word “PAGE” written across the front. Pages may not remove or hide this headband in any fashion throughout the weekend, except when in obviously OOG areas. The following rules apply to Pages are non-negotiable:

  • Pages may NOT enter combat in any way. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Giving potions to unconscious bodies on a battlefield.
    • Being within 25 feet of any combat – a Page within that range when a combat breaks out should make every effort to move away as soon as possible.
  • Pages may not use or carry a weapon, and may not throw spells or alchemy. Pages may touch-cast spells and use all alchemy with the exception of gases (which must be thrown).
  • Any player found to be “player bashing” a Page (see rule book for definition) will receive a warning card from a Marshall.
  • If at any time a Page acts outside these guidelines and the spirit in which they are intended, they will be asked to leave the event for their own safety.

Out of Game (OOG)

All players are considered In Game for the entirety of the time they are on-site during game hours, unless they are wearing an easily visible white headband. All items stored in a container or clearly marked OOG are considered personal possessions and are not stealable. In Game (IG) items may NOT be stored in an OOG container or vehicle – doing so is considered cheating.

In addition to wearing a white headband, players in the bathroom are also OOG. Players may not be attacked or threatened while in the bathroom.

Players may not retreat to an OOG area in order to avoid combat or threatening IG situations.

Other "Camp Rules"

Quiet Time

During our weekend events we want to maintain a safe environment and that includes sleep. From 2am until 9am there will be no combat events without notice by PLOT or the GM, and those instances will be very rare indeed. You are more than welcome to continue to talk and interact, but we ask that you respect the players that have chosen to get some shut eye by not speaking or interacting near the sleeping areas. We will try to ensure that the “tavern area” is always available for you.

Kitchen/Cook Area

The kitchen or cooking area of the camp is a special “No Combat” IG zone. Players that are in the kitchen when combat breaks out have the option of joining the combat immediately, or waiting until it is over. Players may not retreat to the kitchen and then pop in-and-out in order to avoid being struck in combat. Doing so will have a 3 count by a Marshal. If the PC does not exit by the 3 count the player will be slain and must move to a resurrection circle immediately, dropping all possessions in the process.

Monster Camp

Monster Camp is where all the NPCs gear up for their modules. Monster Camp is a restricted OOG area. PCs must announce themselves when approaching Monster Camp, using the words “PC incoming” or something similar. PCs may not enter Monster Camp until they are invited in. This policy is not intended to make players feel excluded, but rather to allow the Plot Runners to speak freely to the NPCs without worrying that they might ruin the weekend for a paying player by revealing information that would force the player to sit out that portion of the weekend’s event.

Expectations for an enjoyable event!

Sportsmanship and Courtesy

Sounds pretty simple huh? Well you would hope so, but we need to go over a few things just in case you are unaware:

General "Life in Medieval times" primer:

Please remember that when you arrive you will be in another “world”. For those of you that may never read anything about medieval life you should come prepared with a few tidbits:

  1. Any NPC of authority (King, Magistrate, Sheriff or Guard) must be treated as you would if you met a real world leader (the Prime Minister, Judge, Police etc). Remember that treating these NPCs disrespectfully (verbally or physically) will more than likely have your character sitting in the “stocks” for an uncomfortable period of time. Depending on their rank, you character could even be put to death. We will do our best to identify these NPCs through the use of Sashes across their bodies as well as pictures of these NPCs at the entrance to the event.
  2. While we understand that there are modern world items that you will bring with you, each player must ensure that they are not used in an IG area (yes the Kitchen at Camp is still an IG area). Cellphones, iPods, laptops etc are strictly prohibited during the events. If you need to use these devices, please go back to your vehicle. Any person caught using these items during an event will be asked to leave. Watches and glasses are permitted, but you must conceal your watch at all times (many players cover their watch with an arm guard or bracer).

Player Expectations

Refuge expects some things from all players:

  • Play fair: "Play for the fun of everyone!" If you would not want the actions done to you, it is likely another player does not want those actions done to them either.
  • Treat each other with respect and lend a hand if needed
  • Know the rules, have the rule book with you at Camp and know how your character "works"