Rule books of Refuge

Here you will find out a lot of information on joining us on our adventures.
This is a lot of information to wade through.

The Refuge rulebook is officially out of beta!
This version incorporates fixes for the rules and clarity issues that were discovered in the beta draft, as well as an update to the style and usability of the document.

 You can download it HERE

Our next release is targeted sometime in the first quarter, and will include a thorough review by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, continued style and readability improvements, and pictures. We will also continue to be on the lookout for any rules issues that need clarifications from the Refuge Rules Committee. 

If you find any issues with this version of the rulebook, whether they be rules concerns, unclear wording, or simply typos, please submit them using the following form: Rulebook Feedback

We’d also love to hear about what you’d like to see in the forthcoming 1.1 rules update, though we do remind you that that is planned for some distance in the future. Finally, if you have any photos you’d like to submit for possible inclusion in the rulebook, please use the feedback form, or contact your chapter owner.

Player or Monster?

The Choice is yours
When you being your LARP adventures there is a ton to take in. There are lots of rules, costuming, make-up, weapons and more. It can be very daunting. There are a few options for those just wanting to "get their feet wet". Refuge LARP is a Player vs. "environment" game where, for the most part, you are confronted by clearly "bad guys" such as goblins, elementals, undead and more. This also allows players to make a choice (and swap between them). You can jump right in as a Player Character (PC) or the Monster Camp (non-player characters or NPCs). Both are very valid options. We have players that never have been an NPC. We also have players that prefer to be an NPC and go into the game as the monsters and role-playing encounters.
We believe it is beneficial to a new player to join Monster Camp for a few events. You get to learn the game while gaining Experience Points (XP) for a future PC that you may play.
Others jump right into being a PC and again, that is the choice everyone makes. Your level of comfort is the main guide. If you are raring to go and understand your PC, go for it. Not sure? Join Monster Camp for a few games and see what we are all about. You may realize that you prefer chucking spells as opposed to swinging a sword.
Monster Camp Benefits

Why being an Monster is the Best!

  • You learn the rules at a "slower pace" with a ton of guidance from Monster Camp
  • You gain XP and Chapter Stamps for volunteering your time!
  • You help shape the story with your role-play or combat skills
  • Costs are lower for an NPC for event
  • Monster camp has snacks!

Why being a PC is the Best!

Enter our world and live your story

  • Jumping in lets you experience the world right away. There are lots of other PCs to lend a hand
  • You get to start making your mark on the world events and shape the future
  • You can nap whenever you want!
  • Challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Take the game at your pace.

Next up:

Ask Questions! We cannot stress enough how important it is to ask us "stuff". There are several ways to go about doing so. Our FaceBook Group will help you with a lot of local things. Some things you can ask on our forums. As there are 10 Chapters in Refuge, someone on the New Player Forum is likely on and can answer your questions pretty quickly.

More information!

After you have glossed over the ARB, you need to start thinking of what you want to play. In Refuge we don't have a "snowflake rule". This basically means is you choose to be a specific species, you need to abide by all the racial requirements and restrictions. There are no "half-breeds" (as in Half-Elf or Half-Orc). The 2 chapters you need to really look at are species and Classes. They are the basics of your character. Skills would be the next section to read over.

You can switch classes in between games provided you have enough free Build Points to do so (again, please ask someone more about this as it gets a bit in depth and loses something in print).

You can completely re-work a character, but ONLY after your first ever event. Once you attend your second event, that character is now "locked" and can only be changed by in-game Rituals (powerful magic), lots of RP and gold!

When you start out you have the choices to make. Here are questions you must ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to get into the thick of Combat? - Likely choose: Fighter, Rogue or Scout
  2. Do I want to cast spells? -Likely choose Scholar or Artisan
  3. Do I want to do both? -Likely look at Adept or Spellsword
  4. Do I want to avoid all prosthetics and make-up? species choice would be Human
  5. Do I want to wear a few prosthetics? species choices are: Avani, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Syladrin, Realmsworn, Stellarean
    1. I'm okay with light make-up: Dryad, Ogre
    2. I can wear full make-up & prosthetics (this is not a choice made lightly!)- Dark Elf, High Orc, Stone Elf, Kyn

Our Species Information

Below you will be able to read a bit about the Species that can be played in Refuge.
Full Written packets, with more details are available below each quick write up for download.

Cory's Suggested starting Class Builds

Cory is the Chapter Owner of Refuge Calgary and loves to build new characters with people. He asks a lot of questions to new players to help them start forming a concept, and then helps them to build towards that concept.

Here are a few 25 Build Point Suggestions (using a Human for your species):


Description:Typical "Come in Swinging"

One Handed Edged 5XP

Weapon Proficiency 9XP

Shield 6XP

Blacksmithing 3XP

This leaves 2 XP left over for later use.

Next Skills to Learn: Critical Attack x3, Resolute, Weapon Proficiency

This gives you the basic fighter and you are set up to start learning to deal more damage and absorb more punishment.

Fighter v2

Description:Two Weapon Swashbuckler!

One Handed Edged 5XP

Weapon Proficiency 9XP

Florentine 4XP

Two Weapons 2XP

Fast Refit 2XP

Blacksmithing 3XP

Next Skills to Learn: Critical Attack x2 and Shatter/Disarm Strike

Although not protected by a shield, you can either block with your second weapon, or strike with it to deal out damage faster.


Description:Two Weapon Swashbuckler!

One Handed Edged 5XP

Florentine XP

Two Weapons 4XP

Back attack x2 6XP

Back Stab 3 XP

Next Skills to Learn:Surprising Strike, Educated (if going into Alchemy), thrown Weapon

This is a great beginning to a damage dealing rogue. Thrown weapons allow you to do your Back attack damage from any angle (but at a lower amount of damage).

Rogue v2


One Handed Edged 5XP (Or Thrown Weapon and Small Weapon for 4XP)

Educated 6XP

Herbal Lore 3XP

Alchemy x3 9XP

Craftsman (ANY) 2XP

Next Skills to Learn:Back attack , Create Trap

This build allows you to start game throwing Alchemical Gasses! The Craftsman skill will add to how much Silver you make before game to help with the cost of producing Alchemy.
Alchemy is "expensive" to use, but well worth the cost.

Scholar- Earth

Description:Healing / Debuff Class

Educated 3XP

First Aid 2XP

Healing Arts 2XP

Staff 4XP

Spell Level 1 (4 slots) 4XP

Spell Level 2 (3 slots) 3XP

Spell Level 3 (2 Slots) 4XP

Spell Level 4 (1 slot) 2XP

This leaves 1 XP left over for later use.

Next Skills to Learn: Higher Spells, Channeling

Everyone loves a Healer! This class is in high demand and short supply. The Earth casters also have a lot of curses, commands, binding and protectives to help out themselves and the party.

Scholar- Celestial

Description:Damage Dealing Class

Educated 3XP

Read Magic 4XP

Staff 4XP

Spell Level 1 (4 slots) 4XP

Spell Level 2 (3 slots) 3XP

Spell Level 3 (2 Slots) 4XP

Spell Level 4 (1 slot) 2XP

This leaves 1 XP left over for later use.

Next Skills to Learn: Higher Spell Slots, Create Scroll, Channeling

The damage dealing spell chuckers! They can do a lot of damage to the right monster! They are weak to begin with (as all mages are!) so having your staff to block monster hits is incredibly important.

"Now the one thing you will note is I have not given builds for the "Hybrid Classes" such as Spellsword and Adept. There is a reason for it. If you are a starting character, stick with one of the above basics. You can switch into a Spellsword, Adept or Scout later in the game. These above suggestions will really help you jump into the game without too many concerns about building up your character.

One of my best pieces of advise is this: Plan for the long term after your first game. Think about where you want to be when you are level 20 and then work back. It sounds daunting, but really it is not once you understand the skill system, which we will teach you." -Cory, Chapter Owner