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We use our Social Media platforms for all of our communication. Whether it is our Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter Discord or Youtube. You will be able to chat with us!


If you need our Mailing Address

Refuge LARP INC c/o Paul Trujilo,
623 NE Forest Ln
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

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This is by far our primary contact place!
Refuge LARP

Our Discord Channel

This is our second best option to chat with the players. Please note, this will give you temporary access. An admin will have to assign you a role or you will be removed from the server when you leave. We are working on automating this.
Refuge LARP National Discord

We use various social media platforms for our LARP. Our main area is Facebook. It offers a very central location for chat, visual media, event planning and more. If there is one place you want to be, it is our Facebook Group. Most of our group hovers on FaceBook daily, so asking questions there is your best bet for rapid responses. As well, FB links to all of our events, photo albums, files and more. It really is the One-stop-shop for information on Refuge (well, other than our website!). You can find that link on this page.

We have begun using Discord more and more. It is the most convenient way for our group to stay connected when on the go. Quick chats, voice functions and even video chat. This will become more prevalent in the next few years for quick discussions.

For videos, we have our own YouTube channel. Not a ton of videos mind you. We find video taping a bit more immersion breaking, so we only really use it on large scale battles or when we can keep the camera out of eye lines. Check out our Channel for videos like our beholder fights, Orc camp raids and more!
For our pictures, that would be Instagram! We are just starting to upload a few photos at a time. Soon, there will be nearly 9 years of pictures floating around on it. The more likes and shares, the faster that medium will grow for us. We will be uploading more pictures during events as well, when we can get cellular service at our sites mind you. But one thing at a time!

Follow our adventures on Instagram

We are just getting started with Instagram, but as we have more events, this will be the best stop to see what we do!

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We post all of our videos on YouTube. We try to limit videos as they can be rather distracting an immersion breaking, but some events, we truly get some gems!
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Our Twitter Account

Our least used social media. We usually forward other links or articles through twitter, but it is not our main focus.
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