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Refuge LARP's stories focuses on our players being the Heroes of the story (Player vs. Environment). Our games strive for "High Fantasy" pitting the players versus seemingly insurmountable odds. Many times they are victorious, but other times, well, that remains to be seen.

Refuge LARP is a "boffer" LARP with a focus on "Player vs. Environment". That does not mean that players do not have conflict amongst themselves. Far from it. Our stories are ever evolving and players continuously steer our narrative with their actions, or inactions.

We are always looking for more people to join our adventures, whether you are in the Player Camp, or the Monster Camp. It is never too late to join!


New to LARP?

Getting into a LARP may seem like a daunting and overwhelming experience. It can be. But we do our best to help those new to Role-Playing, or those new to physical Live-Action RP to become comfortable with our system and LARP in general.
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Register to Play

Our LARP has designed a robust and cutting edge Refuge Database (RDb) to help you create a character and register for our events. For more information about the RDb, contact us through our social media links (above).
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Our Events

Each Chapter runs their own stories and events. Some National Plot lines do exist which will bring our chapters together for National events every other year. Currently, we are launching those initiatives, but COVID-19 has held some of that story back. Below you can find the link to our Events Calendar and see when your local chapter is hosting their events.
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Some of our Guiding Principles

Our LARP is striving to be a fun, exciting and most importantly, an inclusive experience.

Making LARP Welcoming

Refuge LARP wants to be the premiere event hosts in the USA and Canada. We pride ourselves in creating fun, inclusive, immersive and entertaining events.


Diversity Committee

Our LARP has a Diversity Committee that works to ensure our rules, media and more are inclusive to everyone. They help direct our designs and social media to reflect our values of "all players are welcome".


Refuge Accountability Committee

We have created a committee that will help to ensure accountability for all Chapters. Whether that is investigating major rules violations, by-law infractions to the more serious topics of abuse within the Chapter, we hope that this extra level of oversight will help players understand that Chapters have accountability to the National organization and vice, versa.


National Code of Conduct

Working with the two above groups we also have a National Code of Conduct that all Chapters adhere to. You can download it from our "Rule books" link above.



This annoying virus has disrupted everyone's lives. LARP is no exception. Most chapters are currently shuttered during the pandemic and we are working to bring LARP to those that need the escape. We are keeping in touch with our players through our Discord Servers, Social Media and our forums.


Providing Online Virtual Events

Our LARP has adapted to the fun world of online events. Whether using apps such as Discord or Zoom, plus many others, we try to bring some of the role-playing that players are craving to keep up the community spirits until such time as chapters can open their doors once again.


Creating Leading procedures for Safe LARPING

Some chapters less effected by COVID-19 are working with local health authorities to re-open with safety precautions in place such as social distancing in enclosed spaces, making masks part of the costuming, temperature checks, limiting cabin cohort sizes, having sanitizer and other cleaning supplies and procedures in place. We are working hard to ensure that we can bring safe events to our communities.

LARPING in a Time of COVID

One Virus to ruin them all! Read Refuge LARP Calgary's guidelines as an example of how chapters are dealing with Covid.

Get in Touch

We have several different ways to get ahold of us.

If you need to Mail us:

Refuge LARP INC c/o Paul Trujilo,
623 NE Forest Ln
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Our Discord Channel

This is our second best option to chat with the players. Please note, this will give you temporary access. An admin will have to assign you a role or you will be removed from the server when you leave. We are working on automating this.
Refuge LARP National Discord

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